Call for papers

Download the full Call-for-Papers as PDF or Text.

See the theme for AST 2011 or the general Topics of Interest for the workshop.

A summary of types of full paper submission are as follows:

Paper Type Page Limit Format Published
Research 7 ACM SIG ACM Digital Library
Industrial Case Study 7 ACM SIG ACM Digital Library

Special Theme

This year, the special theme of the workshop is on Relating Software Design to Test Automation. Submissions on this topic are especially encouraged, but papers on other topics of interest are also welcome.

Topics of Interest

The workshop focuses on bridging the gap between the theories and practice of software test automation. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) Methodology: Software test automation in the context of various software development methodologies, such as in model-driven, component-based, agile, test-driven, product lines, service-oriented, agent-oriented, and aspect-oriented methodologies, and in evolutionary development.
2) Technology: Automation of test techniques and methods used in test-related activities, support for software testing methods, and applications to specific types of software in different application domains.
3) Software testing tools and environments: Issues in the development, operation, maintenance and evolution of software testing tools and environments.
4) Experiments, empirical studies and experience reports and vision of the future of software test automation.

Research Papers

Research papers report on original research and/or practical experience in the area of software test automation. Papers must be no more than 7 pages in the ACM SIG conference proceedings format. Whenever possible, research papers should furnish a detailed theoretical and/or empirical evaluation of the presented approach. The program committee will judge the regular papers on the basis of their technical merit, clarity, relevance, originality, and overall contribution.

Industrial Case Study Papers

Industrial Case study papers must report on the practical application of software test automation. These papers must be no more than 7 pages in the ACM SIG conference proceedings format.