Monday 23rd May 2011

8:45 Welcome (Chair: Howard Foster)
9:00 Keynote (Chair: Antonia Bertolino)
Michael M. Gorlick. Testing the 21st Century (more info)
10:00 Break
Paper Session 1 Model-Based Testing (Chair: Maria Jose Escalona)
10:30 Junhua Ding, Tong Wu, Dianxiang Xu, Jun Q. Lu and Xin-Hua Hu.Metamorphic Testing of a Monte Carlo Modeling Program
11:00 Chimisliu Valentin Constantin and Wotawa Franz. Abstracting Timing Information in UML State Charts via Temporal Ordering and LOTOS
11:30 Zeinab Mousavian, Mojtaba Vahidi-Asl and Saeed Parsa. Scalable Graph Analyzing Approach for Software Fault-Localization
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Charette Session (Chair: Henry Muccini)
Poster Session 1 (Chair: Howell Yee)
14:30 Guy Collins Ndem, Abbas Tahir, Andreas Ulrich and Helmut Goetz. Test Data to reduce the Complexity of Unit Test Automation
14:45 Shaoying Liu and Shin Nakajima. A Framework for Automatic Functional Testing Based on Formal Specifications
15:00 Break
Paper Session 2 Testing for Web and Service-Based Systems (Chair: Howard Foster)
15:30 Xiaoying Bai, Bin Chen, Bo Ma and Yunzhan Gong. Design of Intelligent Agents for Collaborative Testing of Service-Based Systems
16:00 Hazlifah Mohd Rusli, Suhaimi Ibrahim, Mazidah Puteh and Sayed Gholam Hassan Tabatabaei. A Comparative Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Web Service Composition Testing Approaches
Poster Session 2 (Chair: Shaoying Liu)
16:30 Felipe Besson, Pedro Leal, Fabio Kon, Alfredo Goldman and Dejan Milojicic. Towards Automated Testing of Web Service Choreographies
16:45 Yingzhou Zhang, Wei Fu and Changhai Nie. Monad-Based Automated Testing of Web Services
17:00 Gabriel L. Zenarosa and Regis J. Leonard. Towards Automated Oracles for GUI Input Validation
Evening Workshop Dinner

Tuesday 24th May 2011

9:00 Keynote (Chair: Jenny Li)
Howell Yee : Overcoming Interoperability Challenges – Can you hear me now? (more info)
10:00 Break
Paper Session 3 Test Strategies I (Chair: Gregory M. Kapfhammer)
10:30 Winfried Dulz. A Comfortable TestPlayer for Analyzing Statistical Usage Testing Strategies
11:00 Laya Madani and Ioannis Parissis. Automatically Testing Interactive Multimodal Systems Using Task Trees and Fusion Models
11:30 Rene Just, Gregory M. Kapfhammer and Franz Schweiggert. Using Conditional Mutation to Increase the Efficiency of Mutation Analysis
12:00 Lunch
Paper Session 4 Test Strategies II (Chair: Hong Zhu)
13:00 Gary Kaminski, Paul Ammann and Jeff Offutt. Better Predicate Testing
13:30 Mario Gleirscher. Hazard-based Selection of Test Cases
Paper Session 5 Applications of Testing I (Chair: Henry Muccini)
14:00 Nate Kube, Kevin Yoo and Dan Hoffman. Automated Testing of Industrial Control Devices: the Delphi Database
14:30 Cuixiong Hu and Iulian Neamtiu. Automating GUI Testing for Android Applications
15:00 Break
Paper Session 6 Applications of Testing II (Chair: Shay Artzi)
15:30 Rajesh Palit, Renuka Arya, Kshirasagar Naik and Ajit Singh. Selection and Execution of User Level Test Cases for Energy Cost Evaluation of Smartphones
16:00 Michal H. Palka, Koen Claessen, Alejandro Russo and John Hughes. Testing an Optimising Compiler by Generating Random Lambda Terms
16:30 Giuseppe Di Guglielmo, Masahiro Fujita, Cristina Marconcini, Andreas Foltinek, Luigi Di Guglielmo, Franco Fummi and Graziano Pravadelli. Model-Driven Design and Validation of Embedded Software
17:00 Charette Summary (Chair: Henry Muccini)
17:45 Closure and Thanks
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